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Every chapter of the BYU Management Society is led by professionals from a variety of backgrounds that volunteer their time and expertise to fulfill the BYUMS purpose in their areas. The each chapter organization is designed to best help the members of said chapter, and the chapter president and their committee are willing and ready to help.

Dallas Chapter:


Executive Committee:

President: Britt Berrett

Treasurer: Curtis Maxfield

Secretary: Stephen Mortensen

Young Professionals Director: Alex Dixon

Women Professionals Director: Brooke Berger

Scholarship Director: Belinda Romney

Membership Committee: Wendell Brock

Marketing/ Publicity/ PR Director: Markus Richardson

Webmaster: Boyd Frost


Advisory Board:

Board Chair: Peter Harris

Board Member: Gary Baughman

Board Member: William P. Benac

Board Member: Britt R. Berrett

Board Member: Lee Bird

Board Member: Vance C. Bryson

Board Member: Sam Dunn

Board Member: Mike Fisher

Board Member: Mark A. Gottfredson

Board Member: Ronald D. Haas

Board Member: Timothy Harden

Board Member: Curtis K. Harshaw

Board Member: Mitch Hill

Board Member: Steve Houghton

Board Member: Christopher W. Jensen

Board Member: Drew R. Johnson

Board Member: Jay B. Jones

Board Member: Ronald E. Malouf

Board Member: Jerald Martin

Board Member: Alden Porter

Board Member: Jonathan C. Roberts

Board Member: Wyman Roberts

Board Member: Mark Romney

Board Member: Stephen Sloan

Board Member: Wayne C. Terry

Board Member: Brian E. Walker